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by Alexander Rublinetsky

Version 1.2 (23K)

ZImage is a freeware Delphi VCL component that can be used to display any images: pictures, faxes etc. Using the mouse one can easily zoom image in and out, scroll by simple dragging. At right and bottom side scrollbar-like zoom indicators of arbitrary width can be displayed.

Use left mouse button to scroll the image, right mouse button to choose zoom rectangle anf doubleclick to restore full zoom. If borders (zoom indicators) are visible the click on the small gray square in the right/bottom corner of the control will act as doubleclick - i.e. restore full zoom.

ZImage was designed and tested under Delphi 3 and Delphi 4 but I do not see any problems with other versions of Delphi.


Bitmap : TBitmap image to be displayed
BorderWidth : integer width of zoom indicators
DblClkEnable : boolean enables or disables doubleclick processing
ForceRepaint : boolean different algorithms of repainting while scrolling the image
KeepAspect : boolean show image with the original aspect ratio
ShowBorders : boolean show or hide zoom indicators
Align, Height, Width, Left, Top, Visible, Hint, ShowHint inherited from TGraphicControl.

In this version of ZImage there are no events and methods. Please inform me if there is a need of some methods or events.


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