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by Alexander Rublinetsky
ZImage is a freeware Delphi VCL component that can be used to display any images: pictures, faxes etc. Using the mouse one can easily zoom image in and out, scroll by simple dragging. At right and bottom side scrollbar-like zoom indicators of arbitrary width can be displayed.
Zoomler is a freeware scrollbar-like Delphi native VCL component that can be used for scrolling and zooming any continuous objects: charts, images etc. All its position properties are of Double type - it is convenient for charts, and one can always call Round() if the object has integer coordinates. Zoomler can be horizontal and vertical.
ZTreeView is like a usual treeview but it can have bold nodes. It provides methods for changing and quering a node state, i.e. setting it bold or plain.The Recursive property controls whether those operations affect the node's children.

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